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Paradise on Long Island

Kayak and Paddleboard rentals are one of the fastest growing water-sports. They offer many physical and mental health benefits. We always tell our customers, there are two ways of Kayaking or Paddleboarding. Some people like to treat it as a work out while others would prefer napping out on the water. Whether you are looking for a workout or a therapy session, Stony Brook Harbor is a perfect location. It is located on the calm North shore of Long Island. The launch site is very convenient for customers and the Harbor expands over 6 miles. What's great about Stony Brook Harbor is that you can choose how far you would like to go. If you aren't looking for a workout, just head out about a mile or so, anchor up, and hang out. Bring a cooler with food & drinks, take a nap, jump in the water, and return when you are completely stress relieved. Stony Brook Harbor is a true hidden gem on Long Island. Join us in paradise! #mentalhealth #healthandwellness #paddleboarding #kayaking

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